Moody Gardens Galveston

The Moody Gardens Galveston- a complete tropical vacation paradise resort in Galveston, Texas

Looking for some tropical island fun without having to travel out of the country? Then you may wish to consider visiting the Moody Gardens Galveston. This Texas resort has something for everyone. This is a public resort and is a non-profit association that specializes in educational fun. There is plenty to see and do for the entire family at the Moody Gardens. The resort has also recently undergone a 25 million dollar enhancement and renovation.

The Moody Gardens Galveston offers so much fun and entertainment. Guests can stop into the resort’s Discovery Pyramid, which offers a truly exciting place to learn something new about the world around you. The Discovery Pyramid is currently showcasing the Bodies Revealed Exhibition. This state of the art display features an engaging look at the human body and what allows it to function as the masterpiece it is. Using Polymer Preservation, these real human bodies have been fully preserved to show their inner and outer parts and how these parts function together. There is truly no other exhibition like this one! After learning human anatomy in the Discovery Pyramid, visitors can see a truly 4-D movie experience in the FX Theater. This one of a kind theater offers a variety of family friendly movie options in full 4-D! Here visitors will experience 3-D animation technology coupled with audio and show control systems including special effects that allow guests to see, hear, smell and feel the movie! This is truly virtual reality at its best. For even more movie fun there is the Ridefilm Theater. Here visitors will experience a 180 degree wraparound screen that plays exciting movies while the 18 passenger ride takes them on the ultimate simulation ride experience.

Moody Gardens also offers a Rainforest Pyramid, where visitors can step into the exciting and awesome world of the tropical rainforest. Here visitors of all ages will enjoy more than 1000 exotic plant and animal species from rainforests all over the world. The walkway will take guests from the riverside all the way up into the rainforest canopy, where they will get a bird’s eye view of monkeys, tamarins, parrots, sloths, otters and many species of beautiful butterflies. More wonderful animals and plants can be seen at the Moody Gardens Aquarium Pyramid. This complex features more than 10,000 species of marine animals in an environment of more than 1.5 million gallons of water. The Aquarium itself reaches a full 10 stories into the air. Here guests will be able to view animal species from the South Atlantic, the Caribbean, the North Pacific and the South Pacific. The penguins are some of the most sought after attractions in the Aquarium.

There is more family fun to be had at Moody Gardens Galveston. Guests can also enjoy dining and entertainment on the resort’s own Colonel Paddlewheel boat. The resort also includes a premier public golf course, which has recently undergone a 16 million dollar renovation. The resort even features the Moody Gardens Hotel Complex, which doubles as a full service spa and convention center. This hotel is the perfect place to stay when visiting the exciting theme park.

For a truly one of a kind and exclusive family vacation experience, nothing beats the Moody Gardens Galveston.

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